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We’re Proud to Help Our Heroes: As usual we’ll be helping out at a multitude of Wounded Warrior Project events this Summer;

July 5, 2015, , News

We recently joined a national trade organization called Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes (AELTCC)- their motto is Making Nursing Homes Better Places to Live, Work and Visit.

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Speaking of sports, I recently launched an innovative new program called Fantasy Baseball Bingo for Seniors…it’s a great recreational alternative for the men (or women who love baseball or bingo) at Assisted Living facilities, Nursing Homes, Senior Centers, Social Adult Day Care programs and more. Fantasy Baseball Bingo will donate 5% of all sales revenues to Tender Touch For All.

Please contact Marc Silverstein at 516-883-1390 or for more details about this exciting new option for your Activities Department.

We’re taking the Summer off…see you in September!

May 2015 is the biggest month in our history.

May 31, 2015, , News

we are providing more than 70 massage therapy sessions, touching hundreds of seniors and veterans!

Speaking of our history…June 2015 is our 5 year Anniversary.  Tender Touch For All was started in June of 2010 when I saw an unmet need for geriatric massage therapy programs at senior care facilities while I was the primary caregiver for my elderly mom.  What was just a concept 5 years ago, is now a very vibrant non-profit program servicing thousands of seniors, veterans and people with disabilities every year- mom would be proud!


Thank you to the Knapp-Swezey Foundation for renewing our grant for a third year…it feels great to receive such enthusiastic and continued support.


As most of you know, our core program runs at facilities- nursing homes, assisted living, senior centers, social adult day care, etc…however we do offer a Home Visit Program at a steeply reduced rate- $58 per hour ($78 in Manhattan)


Thank you to Alliance Homecare for participating in our Stress Relief for a Cause Program…we are providing chair massage for their very deserving staff twice per month, with the net proceeds going back to support our core mission programs for seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.  We also thank Hofstra UniversitySt. Joseph’s College (Brooklyn), Saint Peter’s University (Jersey City) and the University of New Haven who also supported TTFA, while providing chair massage for their stressed out students during “finals week”…truly a win-win situation! 

Tender Touch For All is on Generation Bold Radio!

April 15, 2015, , News

On March 29, we were featured on Generation Bold Radio hosted by Adriane.

Host Adriane Berg and her battalion of experts come to the rescue to bring you the “Fountain of Truth” about Boomer lifestyle and fulfillment. If it is in your life, you will hear about it on Generation Bold. Health. Wealth. Travel. Relationships. Home. Spirituality. Sexuality. Older parents. Boomerang kids. Grandparenting. Generation Bold: Talking About What Really Matters to You. You’ve seen her on Oprah, GMA and Fox News. You’ve read her books and blogs. Now talk with her on the radio.


Click the following link to listen to the interview or listen via SoundCloud.




Letter from Wendy

March 18, 2015, , News

Dear Marc-


It is so wonderful to see your vision come to life.  I’m honored to play a small part in bringing massage to so many of our seniors on Long Island.


Over the years I’ve formed special bonds with many of the people I see on a monthly or bi-monthly visit.  Working for Tender Touch For All as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I’ve truly learned what it means to give someone the gift of touch.  A caring and focused gentle massage, not only brings circulation to a sore or stiff joint or muscle but the receiver can simply relax and take a mental and emotional break from some of the days pain and difficulties.


People who are in pain or people who spend most of their days in a wheelchair or in bed truly benefit from the gift of massage.  Anyone who has ever lived with a restriction or a painful condition can certainly understand how good a gentle shoulder massage feels.    Getting warmth to hard working arms that operate wheelchairs is so valuable. Massaging leg muscles to increase circulation warms the muscle tissue and reminds people to do their ankle rotations and to try self massage.  A warm friendly smile and time taken to hear a person’s complaint or fear is time well spent and helps both client and massage therapist to connect.


Professionally, I’m grateful for the opportunities that TTFA has given me.  I know my work for TTFA has made me a better massage therapist.  Every day I am learning something valuable about the human body, life’s obstacles, accepting challenges and so much more.


Thank you Marc for taking a chance on me.  Thank you for believing in me and the work I do- I highly value the work I do on behalf of Tender Touch a For All.


Wishing you continued success and much growth in the coming year.




Wendy Morgan, LMT

Stress Relief for a Cause 
Goes to the Next Level!

We are pleased to announce a collaborative partnership for this Spring with Active Minds ( 


Active Minds was founded by Alison Malmon when she was a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, following the suicide of her older brother, Brian. Brian, also a college student, had been experiencing depression and psychosis for three years but had concealed his symptoms from everyone around him. A year and a half later on March 24, 2000, as Alison was wrapping up her freshman year at Penn, Brian ended his life.

Recognizing that few Penn students were talking about mental health issues though many were affected, Alison was motivated to change that culture on her campus. She wanted to combat the stigma of mental illness, encourage students who needed help to seek it early, and prevent future tragedies like the one that took her brother’s life, and thus started a program called Open Minds.

Constant growth to other campuses ensued, and the National headquarters was established in Washington, DC during the summer of 2003. The new non-profit organization, and all of the affiliated campus chapters, was then renamed Active Minds, Inc., to reflect the progressive nature of this form of student advocacy in the mental health movement.

Active Minds has become the voice of young adult mental health advocacy nationwide. With more than 400 campus chapters, hundreds of thousands of young adults all across the country are benefiting from the Active Minds model. 

This semester during Active Minds’s  Stress Less Week, when schools book licensed massage therapists to provide stress-relieving chair massages for their students through Tender Touch For All, half of the net proceeds from these fundraising events will be devoted to our program of providing on-site massage therapy for seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities, and the remaining fifty percent will be applied to that school’s Active Minds’ Chapter!

Check out what Brendan Caputo, Director of Student Leadership and Activities at Hofstra University, had to say about Tender Touch For All:

“Each semester, we offer our students free massages to provide stress relief during finals week.  Because of their professionalism and quality of work, we always look to Tender Touch For All for the massage therapists we bring into our school.  Not only are their massage therapists exceptionally talented, but they go above and beyond for our students, doing so in a warm welcoming manner.  We highly recommend Tender Touch For All!”

We are looking forward to a great partnership with Active Minds for this semester and for many years to come!

We are almost five years old!

We’re ecstatic to report that in June of 2015 we will mark our five year anniversary!

We started a little less than five years ago with just the concept of bringing massage therapy to underserved populations, and today we run approximately 50 programs each month and we’re growing.  Our hands-on (literally and figuratively) program serves thousands of seniors, veterans and people with disabilities every year. 

2015 should be a very exciting year for us…with a stronger infrastructure in place, we anticipate significant program growth.  Also, be on the look-out in our next newsletter for details on an upcoming collaboration with another very worthy non-profit organization.

We thank you for your continued support…please reach out to us any time with your thoughts, comments and suggestions, and of course if you’d like to get involved on some level with our organization.

Season of Giving

Dear Friends of Tender Touch For All:

It is the season of giving, and every little bit can help us achieve our mission of bringing the benefits of massage therapy to those who need it most- the elderly, our veterans, and the disabled.  If you’ve ever been a caregiver like I have, you know how important our cause is…you’ll know that what we do makes people feel less pain, come alive and have something to look forward to!
A $100 donation can be used as a gas stipend for a volunteer massage therapist to travel to our program for homeless veterans living in a shelter, once per month for the entire year.

  • “Many of our veterans have fallen into less healthy alternatives to coping with the aftermath of war.  Many are not aware of the positive and proven alternatives to managing stress and maintaining wellness that may not be as widely recognized by the traditional provider community.  You have helped us to bridge that gap and open new avenues for wellness for our veterans and their families.   Your valuable contribution allowed veterans to be exposed to holistic alternatives they otherwise might not have had the opportunity to experience.”- John Schultz, USMC Iraq War Veteran, Suffolk County Veterans Service Agency

Just seventeen individual $100 donations can fully fund a monthly program at an inner-city nursing home or a facility that cares for the disabled, for an entire year, providing much needed touch, companionship and healing to their resident’s.

  • “I would like to begin by saying that I’m happy someone thought about providing this service to the aging population.  We all know how much they suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, and other injuries, and for them to get out and get a massage is nearly impossible- let alone afford to be able to pay for one.  I am delighted that you are providing such a great service.  My resident’s really look forward to the day the massage therapist is scheduled to attend.  Thank you for providing such a delightful service!”  Maytha Ramirez, Activities Director, Willow Towers Assisted Living

We’re very excited about our accomplishments over the past year;

  • our program now runs in more than 45 facilities on a regular basis, enabling us to provide our life affirming service to well over 7,500 people per year! 
  • we continue to receive generous support from great organizations such as The Wallerstein Foundation, The Knapp-Swezey Foundation, The Laura B. Vogler Foundation, Compassionate Care Hospice, Hofstra University, Vance Granville Community College, Canisius College, University of New Haven and Oakworks

Thanks, Marc

Tender Touch For All Featured on NASH Matters with Kelly Ford

October 6, 2014, , News

Community Affairs Program on NYC’s Most Popular Country Music Station

NASH Matters is a public affairs program that highlights organizations and charities that serve the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. The program airs every Sunday from 5AM-5:30AM, and focuses on topics and events that matter to our community. Marc Silverstein, Executive Director of Tender Touch For All was featured this past Sunday (9/14) with popular on-air personality Kelly Ford.  

To listen to the interview, please click the link below;


Media Coverage

April 12, 2012, , News

Listen to our segment on WCWP’s “Project Independence and You”

Just click on the link and our interview begins five minutes in:

TUNE IN! On Friday, March 23, we’ll be on the radio. Executive Director Marc Silverstein and Board Director Deirdre McDonough, LMT, will discuss the benefits of massage therapy for the elderly on WCWP radio’s “Project Independence and You” show! at 10am on WCWP 88.1 FM.

Read all about us in  Newsday’s  November 15  issue  Group offers gentle massages for elderly
Check out our story in  Tender Touch For All Offers Massages to Seniors and Vets

Rest in Peace Edith Silverstein, February 1926–February 2011

February 17, 2011, , News

It’s with sadness that we announce the passing of Edith Silverstein on February 16.  Edith served as the inspiration for the founding of Tender Touch For All, and is fondly remembered for her giving nature and considerate hands-on care of others.