Season of Giving

Posted by: on December 5, 2014

Dear Friends of Tender Touch For All:

It is the season of giving, and every little bit can help us achieve our mission of bringing the benefits of massage therapy to those who need it most- the elderly, our veterans, and the disabled.  If you’ve ever been a caregiver like I have, you know how important our cause is…you’ll know that what we do makes people feel less pain, come alive and have something to look forward to!
A $100 donation can be used as a gas stipend for a volunteer massage therapist to travel to our program for homeless veterans living in a shelter, once per month for the entire year.

  • “Many of our veterans have fallen into less healthy alternatives to coping with the aftermath of war.  Many are not aware of the positive and proven alternatives to managing stress and maintaining wellness that may not be as widely recognized by the traditional provider community.  You have helped us to bridge that gap and open new avenues for wellness for our veterans and their families.   Your valuable contribution allowed veterans to be exposed to holistic alternatives they otherwise might not have had the opportunity to experience.”- John Schultz, USMC Iraq War Veteran, Suffolk County Veterans Service Agency

Just seventeen individual $100 donations can fully fund a monthly program at an inner-city nursing home or a facility that cares for the disabled, for an entire year, providing much needed touch, companionship and healing to their resident’s.

  • “I would like to begin by saying that I’m happy someone thought about providing this service to the aging population.  We all know how much they suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, and other injuries, and for them to get out and get a massage is nearly impossible- let alone afford to be able to pay for one.  I am delighted that you are providing such a great service.  My resident’s really look forward to the day the massage therapist is scheduled to attend.  Thank you for providing such a delightful service!”  Maytha Ramirez, Activities Director, Willow Towers Assisted Living

We’re very excited about our accomplishments over the past year;

  • our program now runs in more than 45 facilities on a regular basis, enabling us to provide our life affirming service to well over 7,500 people per year! 
  • we continue to receive generous support from great organizations such as The Wallerstein Foundation, The Knapp-Swezey Foundation, The Laura B. Vogler Foundation, Compassionate Care Hospice, Hofstra University, Vance Granville Community College, Canisius College, University of New Haven and Oakworks

Thanks, Marc