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Many veterans and military families suffer from stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression, and they often believe there is no way to overcome those feelings. Some reasons for these feeling may include isolation from family, the extreme conditions of wars, and/ or spending their days largely without loved ones. Something as simple as human touch, a common part of most of our lives, becomes less and less frequent for our nation’s heroes.  Even those who do not live in a veterans care facility can find themselves enveloped in solitude. Whatever the cause, many of the people Tender Touch For All serves lack the human contact that is so essential for a group-oriented species like humans.

Also, some veterans have an extremely difficult time readjusting to the stresses of civilian life, and that has become even more pronounced given the very difficult economic conditions we currently endure. Our program can improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of military personnel and make them feel appreciated for their tremendous sacrifices to our country!

Similar to how we offer massage therapy as part of our program to primary caregivers of the elderly and the disabled, our service is also available for immediate family members of military personnel currently deployed.

Your support will help us continue to provide our life-affirming program to those who have served us all and helped to maintain our freedom!

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