Letter from Wendy

Posted by: on March 18, 2015

Dear Marc-


It is so wonderful to see your vision come to life.  I’m honored to play a small part in bringing massage to so many of our seniors on Long Island.


Over the years I’ve formed special bonds with many of the people I see on a monthly or bi-monthly visit.  Working for Tender Touch For All as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I’ve truly learned what it means to give someone the gift of touch.  A caring and focused gentle massage, not only brings circulation to a sore or stiff joint or muscle but the receiver can simply relax and take a mental and emotional break from some of the days pain and difficulties.


People who are in pain or people who spend most of their days in a wheelchair or in bed truly benefit from the gift of massage.  Anyone who has ever lived with a restriction or a painful condition can certainly understand how good a gentle shoulder massage feels.    Getting warmth to hard working arms that operate wheelchairs is so valuable. Massaging leg muscles to increase circulation warms the muscle tissue and reminds people to do their ankle rotations and to try self massage.  A warm friendly smile and time taken to hear a person’s complaint or fear is time well spent and helps both client and massage therapist to connect.


Professionally, I’m grateful for the opportunities that TTFA has given me.  I know my work for TTFA has made me a better massage therapist.  Every day I am learning something valuable about the human body, life’s obstacles, accepting challenges and so much more.


Thank you Marc for taking a chance on me.  Thank you for believing in me and the work I do- I highly value the work I do on behalf of Tender Touch a For All.


Wishing you continued success and much growth in the coming year.




Wendy Morgan, LMT

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