Attention Tender Touch For All Online Shoppers!

Posted by: on October 15, 2014

Close your eyes and remember a time when a small child slipped his or hand into your palm, or when a spouse lovingly caressed your cheek. You likely experienced a calmness or a sense of peace that can only be achieved through such a tender touch. There is no medicine that can replace the care and compassion that goes into rehabilitative and restorative massage therapy. With your help, Tender Touch For All can provide massage therapy to seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and chronic conditions/illnesses.


Every time you shop at any of over 4,000 retailers online, could be donating a percentage of what you spend to Tender Touch For All. The Goodshop organization program is so successful, that they donated nearly $11 million to 110,000 non-profits since 2006 thanks to the efforts of every-day people. There is no special time commitment or skill necessary to participate in the program and raise funds for Tender Touch For All. If you already shop online, then you are 98% of the way to being a shopper.

To use the program, sign up at, designate Tender Touch For All as your non-profit and then use the Goodshop portal each time you shop online. With retailers such as Macy’s39 Dollar GlassesHPCheapCaribbean and Banana Republic among the 4,000+ retailers in the program, more than likely you will find all of your favorite retailers available through Goodshop. As an added bonus, Goodshop has over 100,000 coupons, deals and promotions available for use with the 4,000+ retailers. The 2.5% donation that comes from using a Staples coupon for UP to 50% Off Weekly Tech Deals or the 9% donation that comes from using a ShinDigz coupon for Up to 92% Off Clearance could pay for free home visits for seniors who would benefit from massage therapy.

Whether you shop at retailers like Finish Line and Vitacost or Moosejaw and Peruvian Connection, your donations could help improve the mental and emotional well-being of veterans who have fought for our country.

Sign up at, designate Tender Touch For All as your non-profit, and then shop via the Goodshop portal anytime you shop online. Your Tender Touch will go to those men and women who need it most.

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